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West Virginia is steeped in religious traditions that are ancient and dearly cradled, like the Appalachian Mountains in which the state is nestled. In the American Pilgrimage recorded 18 conversations at West Virginia Public Broadcasting in Charleston, after inviting people from across the state to take part.

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Coursework is offered in world literatures and cultures, linguistics, and languages, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin ClassicsRussian, and Spanish. The primary goal of the majors offered by the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics is to provide students with a solid liberal arts education that is the foundation for personal and professional success and growth over a lifetime.

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The curricula are deed to provide students with well-developed cognitive and communication skills and with a broad knowledge base that will enable them to pursue additional studies at the graduate level or to enter the job market in positions that will demand the ability to communicate in more than one language and in a variety of cultural contexts. The majors offered by the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics complement and add value to a degree in any field. Students who earn a degree in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences must complete the University requirements, the College requirements for their specific degree program, and their major requirements.

The Department of World Languages regularly offers language courses abroad. Students participating in a summer program normally register for six credit hours. Contingent upon funding and faculty availability, the department offers similar programs every year. Course work completed abroad at the appropriate level can be used to fulfill various requirements for the major, with permission from a World Languages adviser.

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Many of our students have studied another language in high school, or are native speakers of the language they wish to study. The Department of World Languages offers several ways in which students can receive college credit for their knowledge. All students have the possibility of earning one or more minors; view a list of all available minors and their requirements here.

Please note that students may not earn a minor in their major field. Students in the Eberly College, regardless of their major, can earn a Certificate of Global Engagement. Students will be required to apply their knowledge of contemporary issues and global social contexts to their coursework and their broader citizenship.

For details regarding Certificate requirements, please visit the Eberly College. Due to Covid — Admission requirements may differ from what is listed on this .

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Please review the most up-to-date program admission requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in the following majors. For specific information on the following programs, please see the links to the right:. ARBC Elementary Modern Standard Arabic 1. Elementary Modern Standard Arabic 2. Continuation of ARBC Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic 1. Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic 2. PR: Consent. Investigation of topics not covered in regularly scheduled courses. PR: Students in Honors Program and consent by the honors director. Independent reading, study, or research. Advanced communication course in Arabic.

The course targets all language skills speaking, listening, reading, and writing with a major focus on developing communication skills in Arabic to handle a variety of social situations. A lecture and discussion course deed to build communicative abilities and conversational fluency in Arabic at the intermediate-advanced level.

Particular emphasis on writing descriptive and narrative short essays, reading and discussing authentic texts, and presenting information about a variety of topics in Arabic. A lecture and discussion course deed to develop communicative abilities in Arabic at the intermediate-advanced level. Particular emphasis on reading authentic texts and reviewing Arabic structures; integrating grammar and vocabulary practices; and reading, discussing, and writing short essays about a variety of texts that tackle social and cultural issues related to the Arab world.

A lecture and discussion course deed to develop knowledge of Arabic structures and vocabulary practices through reading, writing, and translating linguistically relevant authentic texts from Arabic media resources and Al-Kitaab at the intermediate-advanced level in Modern Standard Arabic. May be repeated up to a maximum of 18 hours. Prearranged experiential learning program, to be planned, supervised, and evaluated for credit by faculty and field supervisors. Involves temporary placement with public or private enterprise for professional competence development.

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Presentation and discussion of topics of mutual concern to students and faculty. Faculty supervised study of topics not available through regular course offerings.

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Independent reading, study or research. PR: No prior study of the language. Introduction to the sound and writing systems of the language, with emphasis on listening, speaking, reading, and writing within an authentic cultural context. Continuation of CHIN Continued development of basic skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing Chinese. Faculty-led study abroad course. Development of oral and written communication skills in Chinese through classroom activities and outside of class asments in an authentic cultural environment. Continued development of oral and written communicative skills in Chinese.

Development of communicative skills, with emphasis on reading modern Chinese texts. Advanced training in vocabulary, sentence structures, and rhetoric in business Chinese. Advanced training in vocabulary, sentence structure, and rhetoric of Chinese media.

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Development of advanced oral and written communication skills through classroom activities and outside of class asments, including interaction with native speakers in an authentic cultural environment. Continuation of CLAS CLAS Greek and Roman Civilization and Culture. Teaches the various connections between medical terms and the grammatical structures of Latin and ancient Greek.

Focus is on showing students the systematic ways in which the English language has borrowed from Ancient languages to develop its medical vocabulary. ESL For undergraduate and graduate international students. Develops the skills necessary to improve academic reading skills to write well-organized and self-edited essays in a variety of rhetorical modes.

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Academic Language Skills and Cultural Studies. For undergraduate international students.

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Provides practice in academic speaking and listening skills with an emphasis on presentations, lectures, note-taking, and pronunciation. Incorporates cultural aspects of the language in the learning process. Exploration of the history and cultures that became West Virginia through examination and discussion of literature about the region, folktales, state archives, music history of the region, and contemporary information sources. English as a Second Language Research and Writing. Provides undergraduate and graduate international students with the skills, strategies, and procedures necessary for researching a topic and writing a well-organized and logical research paper.

Provides guidance and practice in general and academic speaking and listening skills and improves oral comprehensibility through pronunciation activities. Students will build the language skills they need to be successful STEM students in a university context.

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No prerequisites required. Introduction to Environmental Science.

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This introduction to environmental science course for ESL virginias aims to introduce the topic of environmental issues with focus on sustainability and the effects that human activity has on the environment. The course will familiarize students with the ideas behind and the debates within sustainability studies. The goal of this course is to prepare you to succeed in your academic classes at WVU by improving your academic writing skills. In this context, you will be expected to analyze, synthesize, and report on a variety of topics in multiple genres, both in out-of-class writing asments, as well as for in-class timed essays or short answer questions.

International Teaching Assistants Fluency. Course focuses on the characteristics of effective oral communication in English in order to improve SPEAK test scores and comprehensibility in the classroom. Prearranged experiential learning program, to be planned, supervised and evaluated for credit by faculty and field supervisors. This dating provides students with an understanding of and an appreciation for Spanish culture throughout history.

Introduction to Latin American Studies. Surveys primary documents from Latin American history and a range of disciplinary perspectives on Latin America's past and present. A survey course taught in English that introduces Japanese institutions, language, philosophy, religion, theater, family and marriage, and Japanese social etiquette.

This is a survey course taught in English that introduces Chinese institutions, language philosophy, religion, art, literature, family and marriage, and Chinese social etiquette. This course will investigate literary and historical perspectives on the experience of Italians in the United States and their contributions to U. The approach will be multidisciplinary. This class will be taught in English. Study Abroad Course. This course is centered upon the critical study of various aspects of Italian culture. Students will focus on the social, historical, and socio-political issues of Italy in the last two centuries with a concentration on contemporary issues.

The course will be taught entirely in English. Introduces a wide selection of Russian fairy tales and examines the west, social, and psychological values that they reflect, a general introduction to the study of folklore with a broad spectrum of approaches psychoanalysis, structuralism, feminism. An in-depth survey of contemporary Mexican culture, including Mexico's complex history and regional subcultures, Mexican art and literature, linguistic diversity, geography, and politics. Comparison of science fiction texts, and TV from Eastern and Central Europe and the US and UK, analyzing works that posit Fantastic spatial, temporal, social, and biological customs beyond those currently verified by science.

This course examines the phenomenon of vampirism in verbal and visual culture, vampirism is examined from different periods in various cultures and from a latin of critical perspectives. It contestualizes the works in the cultures that produce them.

Graduate program

PR: Student in Honors Program and consent by the honors director. An overview of Japanese cinema. This course will discuss the development of Japanese cinema as an art form and the social influences that affected it.