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When stay-at-home measures aimed at curbing the spread of COVID went into effect earlier this spring, something weird happened to our sense of geography. This had particularly brutal consequences for people who had been enjoying the giddy, touchy-feely early stages of a romance.

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So far, in Episode 3, not much has changed. Military Guy: Ok, look, are they mostly whalers? Olav: Are you serious right now? Can't get enough drama on GBH? Get recommendations and articles delivered right into your inbox. You're now subscribed. We're sorry, there was a problem. Please try again later, or contact our Help Desk at wgbh.

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Inside, he gets another update: the plan is for their new force to harry the coastline, while small resistance cells do their thing inland. With what army, our boy asks? But Military Guy seems to think that the Allies may eventually get back on board because Norway still has all that sweet, sweet iron ore that everyone needs to fuel their war machines.

Military Guy: Cheers. Military Guy: Did you not get the report?

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Apparently the Americans made a call to change course, and even though we asked them not to, they told us to pipe down and trust them. These young fellas are dangling off the sides of the ship in lifeboats, where their job is to spot mines and enemy vessels. Thankfully, at least one of them has good night vision, and he sounds the alarm.

Inside, Martha straight up lies to the kids and tells them the ensuing racket is probably just a drill. It seems like everyone is pretty used to it by now, so the passengers put on their life jackets and head to their evacuation points. Looking over the port side of the ship, she gets an eyeful of the mine, which the ship just barely avoids. It seems like no one else sees it, but those who do are, understandably, puke-over-the-side-of-a-lifeboat freaked out.

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Her purse. On deck everyone starts looking for him, but Martha gets there first. Disaster averted, the voyage continues without incident, with the family soon arriving in New York.

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With lady liberty in sight, Martha drops the cyanide off the side of the boat, never to be almost accidentally swallowed again. And the feeling is mutual! Crowds have gathered to greet the royal family, including the press, who are all eager to interview Martha even though she, having just finished an exhausting voyage, just wants a little peace. Lucky for her, the Norwegian ambassador has prepared a statement for her. Norwegian Ambassador: Look, there are a lot of very excited Norwegian Americans who want to hear from you. Martha: Totally, I get it, but I really want to talk to my husband now please.

See a problem?

Get me a line to London! Norewegian Ambassador: Uh, can you just hold your horses until after the press conference? Martha: No, jackass! Upstairs in her room, Martha finally has a chance to talk to Olav on a secure line.

Soon after, she collapses in a chair with what I am armchair-diagnosing as a panic attack. Struggling to breathe, and with a ringing in her ears, she takes a pill proffered by Ragni, and tries to prepare herself for the impending press conference. Despite the cameras, her stress and reading a wordy statement written in not her first language, she does a pretty good job, at least until the questions start.

FDR, listening on the radio, asks his assistant Missy to invite Martha and the family to his country residence for a weekend so they can get away from the press. Travelling again so soon sounds super exhausting to me, but Martha actually seems to relax on arriving at the country house and being greeted like a dear old friend.

Anyway, you must be the kiddos, welcome to the US! Have some presents! A chaperone?

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Nice to finally meet you for the first time. Anyway, lemonade?

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The kids graciously accept their presents and the lemonade, which Martha is super jazzed about. FDR: Tour! Martha: Uh… just the two of us? Unless you want to go get that wet blanket you brought along?

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Joyride time! Back at the house, Missy quickly and unceremoniously sends Norwegian Ambassador on his way. I feel like he might actually have something important to discuss, but whatever. Did you find a place to crash yet?

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Martha, on very thin ice: Apparently he found us some place in Massachusetts? FDR, being rude as hell: Why Massachusetts? Who wants to live there? And then, like one of the many presidential daughters in movies released in the late 90s, FDR proceeds to ditch his Secret Service detail. King Grandpa: Uh, yeah — things are serious! Olav: Yeah but does it work?

Olav: I mean, that just looks like a lightswitch, how do you know it works? King Grandpa, the kid who gets you in trouble in elementary school vibes: Press it! Olav: Yeah, do it!

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Trying to prove a point, he le everyone to a window to watch the guards do their thing. But to his chagrin, only like four dudes materialize, and then Olav and King Grandpa razz him about it. Rude, but funny, and you gotta get your laughs in where you can! Our protagonists in the US are also having a nice time. While the gang picnics on the lawn, a new character emerges.

You need a place with class, elegance, and sophistication. You need DC. Martha: Hmmm… I was thinking about something more fun, like New York. FDR: Booooooooooooo.

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Missy, uncowed: Nah, go to NYC, way more fun! Martha, who obviously has more skin in the game than the rest of the gals at this garden party, runs inside to try and call Olav. In London, the Norwegian crew might be regretting joking about the palace security system now that England is actually under attack. Under cover of darkness, they walk through the deserted palace to take shelter in the basement, but not before getting a good hard look at the skyline, now lit up with aircraft, bombs, and fire. Stateside, Martha is beside herself. The London operator is unreachable.

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Martha: How bad is it? Advisor Harry: Uh… real bad. Large parts of the city are on fire: they got attacked by hundreds of bombers. We have tons of room, lots of activities for the kids and a direct line to London.

FDR: Totally get it. Take your time. King Grandpa: Look, I get that you want to be with your family, but I have to stay here with the Cabinet. Olav: They should go too!

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Norway will be over. Olav: Not America.

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There are millions of Norwegian Americans who will our cause. Nikolai: Unlikely — the American papers made it sound like we caved like Denmark. We can actually get in front of the press and change that perception! Just think about it. King Grandpa: Have you thought about maybe evacuating your kids, at least? Anyway, back to the Norwegians, who are still arguing about the Canada proposal. King Grandpa, pouting: You know what, you should leave. Sorry I held you back.

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