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Earlier this year a combination of federal law enforcement and legislation shut down web sites believed to be facilitating sex trafficking in the United States. Mike Tobias talks with two Creighton researchers about the impact of these actions on sex trafficking and the commercial sex industry. Please note this story deals with subject matter of an adult nature. Crysta Price and Terry Clark have spent the last few years looking at a very dark side of the internet.

They believe individuals are sold for sex every month in Nebraska, and 70 percent have at least one indicator of being trafficked. Learn more about sex trafficking in Nebraska and the stories of survivors in NET's "Sold for Sex" project, which includes two television documentaries.

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Watch Clark and Price give a detailed presentation in late on the commercial sex industry nationally, and in Nebraska, in this video from NET's "Sold for Sex" project. Bed above and CityX Guide below are two of the non-U. This is what listings on Back's adult section looked like on a typical day.

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Glen Parks, Nebraska assistant attorney general and Human Trafficking Task Force coordinator : "I don't think it'll be a single website, but I think they'll be some places. There's a market. There's a demand and a supply and so they're going to find some place to go.

I'm in communication with task forces in other states and the Creighton researchers, of course, are looking into this. And we're trying things. We're still doing operations. So at the moment, honestly, we're not exactly sure where the market is going.

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There's a bit of a transition. A positive aspect to this is that I think there's probably genuinely less commercial sex transactions happening for short-term. The flip side of that is that it's also hard for law enforcement to find out what's going on and when they do land, we'll need to be there. We have to be increasing the risk for sex buyers, and we also have to be prosecuting them. Back was knowingly selling minors, and that's not acceptable, and they should be held able, but we also know that the way the internet is, it is so easy to sell a human being for sex.

That makes investigating cases complicated. Their work had focused on one online advertising web site. That quickly changed in April.

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First Back was seized and shut down by federal authorities. Trafficking-related charges were filed against the company and its leadership.

How the back shutdown impacted the commercial sex industry and trafficking

A few days later new laws cracking down on entities supporting trafficking went into effect, essentially forcing several other U. So what do Price and Clark, two researchers with a very deep understanding of how this industry works, see now? It certainly hasn't.

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The question we're not sure of is, OK, what is really the effect? Has it increased or decreased trafficking as a percent of the entire industry? I think those are questions that are good questions to ask, and that I don't know if we have answers to those yet.

Shaking out in the form of websites based outside the United States. In countries like Austria and India. They look a lot like Back, but the are even more explicit. That's how they're able to kind of get around it. They're all kind of marketing to try to get at the Back market, right?

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To try and capture that. You can see it's trying to shake out. The market dynamics everywhere would move in that direction, right? Back made a ton of money.

If you're an entrepreneur in any of these countries, throw up the website. You can make a lot of money.

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At the same time, there's the incentive for johns to be able to easily find the providers and vice versa. It becomes kind of a scrambling, trying to figure out how to bring home the same amount of money and how to reach the johns.

Opening up the menu to services they prefer not to engage in in order to meet the quota with now lower prices, because the johns know that it's more difficult for them to find their customers. They're in a positioning power, a superior bargaining position than they were prior. The shutdown of Back and similar websites has also created challenges for those fighting against trafficking. In the past, law enforcement could mainly focus on easily accessible Back posts during investigations.

This was already a hidden population and a difficult investigation to do anyway. But they also see it as an opportunity to emerge with a fuller picture of the commercial sex industry.

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Do we see it in that higher end? Is it happening more in these sort of escort agencies in large cities that are international?

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We could start to ask those questions the more that we have all of that data. We're going to continue to work that and try to bring those in. Get the latest from around Nebraska delivered to your inbox.

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