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Spry Fox has just released a brand new game called Cozy Grove, an adorable life-sim that offers similar gameplay to that of the Animal Crossing franchise, but with a healthy dose of spookiness.

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Players take on the role of a Spirit Scout that travels to the island of Cozy Grove and finds themselves tasked with helping the ghostly bear inhabitants they find there. As you progress through the story, the island will become larger and you start to return color and life to the area, adding more characters and more things for you to interact with.

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However, the game is time-gated, meaning that you can only progress the story so far each day before hitting a wall where the characters will all tell you to check back in the next day. You can easily get around the time-gated aspect of Cozy Grove by "time-traveling" — the term used for manually changing the date on your system in order to fool the game into thinking that real time has passed.

You can do this as often as you like, speeding through the days and seasons and unlocking more story content a lot quicker than you would by playing naturally.

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However, changing the date is easier done on some systems than others, and as Cozy Grove is available on a variety of platforms, we thought we'd cover the basics of how to time travel on each one. Please be warned — you time travel at your own risk. While Cozy Grove does not offer any penalties for time-traveling, doing so has resulted in certain save files issues for some players.

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For example, you might find your day's worth of progression has disappeared and that the game defaults back to an earlier time. Xbox consoles can only have their dates manually changed while offline. Digital games such as Cozy Grove can only be played while the console is offline if the console is set as your "Home Xbox".

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Achievements do not unlock while offline, and though they sometimes will pop once you reconnect, there is no guarantee that this will happen. Meg appreciates gaming on all formats but primarily spends her time achievement hunting. Share Share Tweet .

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