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It assumes the reader has a basic or introductory experience with hickory golf. One bit of good advice that never fails is to contact a more experienced player in your area or one from the list of equipment dealers and contacts listed on this web site.

Maybe you entered a hickory golf tournament and fell in love with a rented a set of wood-shafted clubs. Or maybe a friend lent you a set of hickories for a nine-hole exploration of golf tradition. You need clubs that can take to the course and hit. A decent play set is the essential starting point to transforming your relationship to hickory golf into something more permanent. The late Ralph Livingston III, one of the pioneers of modern hickory golf, recommended a six-club collection as a basic starter play set.

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You might even pick up multiple niblicks, seeking the one that feels perfect in your hands. All well and good. But for the moment, keep things simple and target a basic set.

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Many club makers of the day built slightly lighter, slightly shorter clubs for women players. Follow the overall general guidelines laid out to here to select clubs that feel right to you and suit your swing.

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There are grooves, dots, lines and various combinations. Matched sets exist, but they are scarce and usually priced at a premium. Save that quest for later. By the way — all the clubs shown above are known as commons. When hickory golf was at its peak, literally millions of clubs were produced. Every hickory player has a few favorite clubs that are both common and fabulous. You can spend the time and effort it takes to seek out original, pre hickory clubs or you can purchase ready-to-go reproductions.

Dating can be expensive, but you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a good time.

There are three modern makers of hickory clubs whose products are approved for play by the Society of Hickory Golfers:. Each produce replica hickory clubs whose des are based on authentic clubs produced in the pre hickory era.

They hold their craft to a high standard, turning out first-class products that are beautiful and very playable. Many modern hickory golfers who lack the desire or time to search for and rehabilitate old equipment embrace reproduction hickory sets and such clubs are legal for play at SoHG-sanctioned events. For others, a large part of the allure of hickory golf is the ongoing search for original, playable clubs. It is this hunt, the discovery, the trading and negotiating with other players, and the testing of each new acquisition out on the course that forms part of the backdrop of the modern hickory game.

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If this sounds interesting, there are a few avenues to acquire original hickory clubs. Examining a club in person is perhaps the best way to purchase a playable hickory club. The benefits are many. Ideally, the seller is knowledgeable and can answer questions.

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Such clubs have often been tested and restored or at least cleaned up to some degree so they can be put directly in your bag and played. In the best situation, the seller might let the buyer take the club to the range and hit a few balls before cash is exchanged a lot of club sales happen at the ranges of hickory events. He might have bought commons at an estate sale, increased the tag price and thrown them on a table at a show, hoping to make a quick few bucks. Often, these people only consider hickories for their decorative possibilities where do you think those bars and pro shops get the wooden clubs hanging on their walls?

A pile of old clubs and bags for your purchasing pleasure.

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More likely, the clubs will be overpriced and abused in some way sloppily painted, for instance. Ask the dealer how he arrived at his price. There are cut-down irons, drivers with cracked shafts, sellers who lie in the description or never ship the club.

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Yet, almost every hickory player buys clubs on eBay. Because despite the occasional bad club and the rare evil seller, hundreds of hickories are bought and sold on eBay monthly and most transactions are satisfactory. Even so, caution is essential. While there are entire books devoted to buying and selling on eBay, below are some eBay-specific tips for hickory club purchases. Pyratone shafts are steel sheathed in a plastic-like substance called pyratone. Common in the late ss. Learn the difference between hickory and pyratone faux-wood shafts.

Pyratone was a non-metallic casing patented in and used to coat early steel shafts. The material was mostly yellow, black and brown and made to resemble wood. Unknowledgeable sell ers often sell pyratone shafts as hickory. Try a magnet. This will stick to the steel shaft beneath the pyratone sheath.

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Also, note the t between the shaft and the head. Pyratone shafts have a little ferrule that s the shaft to the head. Pyratone clubs are not legal for SoHG play. A complete lack of pictures or only one blurry one in an eBay listing is a good to avoid that auction.

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A solid reputation is prized on eBay and the products from such sellers can usually be relied upon plus, they can provide more info when you request it. Regardless of claims of tight fits, expect to reattach the head of iron with modern epoxy. Some hickory club restorers do this routinely with new acquisitions. You might also have to fix the whippings, regrip the club and apply a few coats of varnish to the shaft. These are minor issues and most hickory players acquire these skills quickly.

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As you begin to develop a feel for the game and know what you like, you will want to learn more. Visit the Resources on this website for further reading, additional websites to explore and for names of hickory mentors in your area who can help you learn more about club selection.

Irons Look for clean, non-rusted metal. Forged irons, particularly from Scotland, are desirable. Older irons used softer metals.

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Best to avoid chromed club he. So, be sure to check this angle by holding the club in front of your eyes and checking from toe to heel. The loft angle can often be adjusted by those who have experience and the proper tools.

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Check Resources for names of repair and restoration individuals. Deep, clear stampings are desired as there is a lot of information to be found on the back of a hickory iron — type of club, clubmaker, selling company or professional, player.

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At the very least, learn about cleekmarks and what they mean. The Shaft Is it dried out or cracked? A dry, brittle shaft will be susceptible to cracking. Is the finish still sound? Any blotchy areas may indicate water damage.

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Is the shaft straight? Does the grain run the length of the wood? Look at the butt end. Can you count the growth rings? Seven is average. More is better and ifies a strong shaft. Fixing a slightly warped shaft is possible, as is replacing a shaft entirely, but these are projects that require skill or money. Severe warping is to be avoided. Swingweight Many original hickory clubs have a bantam swingweight like A8 particularly true in hickory drivers.

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