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After Buddy died, inshe disappeared from the public eye, and four years later she married Joe Diaz, a government official from Puerto Rico, her birthplace.

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They raised three children together and eventually settled in the Dallas area, all the while keeping a low profile about her connection to Buddy. But Joe convinced me that I was being greedy by keeping Buddy from his fans. The legend was jump-started, but things were still not quite right. It was a portent of things to come. She has become famous for her no-nonsense approach, but her businesslike manner has also had another effect, intended or not.

Some dating there accuse her of being interested solely in making a folk off his name. Others blame her for the fact that the city can no longer put on the Buddy Holly Music Festival each year. She pours a round of Veuve Clicquot champagne, and the doe-eyed radiance and natural beauty that captivated a lanky guy from the Lubbock years ago crystallize in front of my face. It is part of the gig.

Her aunt had already warned her not to socialize with music people: It was company policy.

The widow’s pique

But nothing had prepared her for this handsome year-old gentleman from Texas who took her out to P. Buddy would ask her to marry him that night. A week later she met his parents, whom Buddy flew to New York. He loved listening to jazz at the Village Vanguard and poetry at the local coffeehouses.

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He wanted to write movie scores. He wanted to record with Ray Charles and loved gospel singer Mahalia Jackson.

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Ritchie Valens had asked Buddy to record him. Buddy Holly wanted it all.

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He hardly ever slept. She helped with his public relations, setting up the photo sessions with the celebrity photographer Bruno; Norman Petty did the photography before that. She was with him when he confronted Petty for money he was owed.

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She was by his side when he decided to tour again in the middle of winter to get the cash he could not squeeze out of Petty. She was pregnant with their first child, so she would stay home. But he did. Buddy died when his chartered plane crashed into a snowy field in Iowa, also killing the pilot, Valens, and J. Richardson, a.

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Less than a week later she suffered a miscarriage. Nothing could have prepared the Nuyorican big-city girl for the Hub City of the South Plains when she first saw it in Lubbock was like another planet.

Segregation was still the social practice, if not exactly the law, and Mexican Americans were the most ostracized minority. She learned the hard way at one restaurant. It was a mixed culture. Griggs still has the business cards that Buddy had printed for Prism Records to prove it. David Langston, the folk of Lubbock from tosays you have to understand the datings at work. Two decades would pass before the city officially acknowledged his contributions by erecting a life-size bronze statue by sculptor Grant Speed.

Yet even though the city was just beginning to come around, the widow and the hometown could not see eye to eye. The setting is impressive. Her frilly prom dress, the necklace Buddy gave her, and Lubbock stuffed hound dog he and his first performing partner, Bob Montgomery, ed are all on display. She tells me with a sweet smile that they broke up because of what Buddy was doing, playing rock and roll. Being the keeper of all things Buddy means an endless stream of legal battles, negotiations on licensing agreements that go on forever, and calls during all hours from fans around the world wanting to connect with Buddy.

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It has been good to me. You have to work your ass off for it. She points toward a circled item from a recent Rolling Stone.

Artists from lubbock, tx

It re that President Clinton backs the Copyright Corrections Act, which reverts the ownership Lubbock master recordings back to the artists, rather than to their recording company or manager. Though she cooperated with the Buddy Holly Center and the permanent exhibit, which opened inher relations with another civic organization have grown so strained that the annual Buddy Holly Music Festival is now called the Crossro Music Festival, even though it takes place within shouting distance of the dating.

It would be promoted by Broadway Festivals, a civic-oriented nonprofit organization that Langston headed. After he folk office, inthe festival became the responsibility of the Lubbock Convention and Visitors Bureau, which is overseen by Market Lubbock. Negotiations to renew the licensing agreement for the Buddy Holly Music Festival broke down shortly before the event. She left it. Now CMG wanted to be compensated, but no amount of money would persuade it to give the festival blanket rights. I guard that name and that image like a mother hen.

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Langston vouches for that. She wanted to be involved in every detail, and she has the legal right to do so. Richardson, Jr. This is an everyday situation with the city of Memphis to honor Elvis, not just a day or a week.

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She wants too much money. Surely a compromise can be found to unite the widow with the town and keep the legend alive. I think she was impressed.

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She was supportive and complimentary. A lack of respect is what it boils down to. It has finally come around to recognizing the value of Buddy, if for nothing else than an effective means of selling Lubbock to the world. Otherwise, the Buddy Holly Center would not exist. I am not.

The bottle of champagne has been drained. Instead she starts to walk me out.

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Buddy is everywhere: his pictures on the wall, CDs of his music scattered around the desk alongside papers pertaining to the particulars of his career. Gold records and platinum records line the wall. It is the first local business to pay indirect tribute to the West Texas teen who rocked the world.

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Regardless of the infighting, his legacy will not fade away.