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Yesterday was the final day of session and House and Senate Republicans passed one the most radical anti-education budgets that New Hampshire has ever seen. Make no mistake this is a continuation of the work of Frank Edelblut to dismantle the education system as we know it. Not to be outdone the budget also attempts to silence your voices in the classroom on important and historically undeniable presence of racism and sexism. The budget has other harmful provisions that, taken in total, should make it a non-starter for any lawmakers who actually care about the well-being of their communities and residents.

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The 13 demands in full

Gulf dispute deepens as allies issue ultimatum for ending blockade that includes closing al-Jazeera and cutting back ties with Iran. Qatar has been given 10 days to comply with the demands or face unspecified consequences. Qatar occupies a tiny headland on the Arabian peninsula, with a single land border with Saudi Arabia and across the sea from Iran.

The former British protectorate gained its independence in and has since been ruled by the al-Thani family.

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With the highest per capita income in the world, the tiny monarchy has grown fabulously wealthy on the back of massive oil and natural gas reserves. Tensions with its Gulf Arab neighbours have grown in recent years over support for Islamist movements that emerged from the Arab Spring. It now finds itself isolated and backed into a corner. Saudi Arabia and the other nations leading the blockade — the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt — launched an economic and diplomatic blockade on the energy-rich country a fortnight ago, initially claiming the Qatari royal family had d the funding of terrorism across the Middle East for decades.

Since then, the allies appear to be pushing for the isolation of Iran and the suppression of dissenting media in the region.

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Nevertheless, it is unlikely that Qatar will see the demands as the basis for serious negotiations. Qatar has become reliant on Turkey and Iran for food imports since the embargo was imposed on 5 June and insists with its huge wealth it can survive the embargo for an indefinite period.

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US policy towards Qatar so far has been marked by confusion. President Donald Trump has appeared to take credit for the Saudi embargo and described Qatar as a haven for terrorism. As we have said, we want to see the parties resolve this dispute and restore unity among our partners in the region, while ensuring all countries are stopping funding for terrorist groups.

The State Department spokesperson also declined to take a position on the specific Saudi demands, focusing instead on the need for the involved parties to resolve the dispute themselves through dialogue. The US has a major military base in Qatar and risks seeing Qatar forced into an alliance with Iran if its enforced isolation continues, an outcome that would be a major strategic blow to Washington as well as a further threat to the security of the region.

They used the terrorism card as a way of attracting attention. But the main objectives are more about criticising our media, al-Jazeera, and our openness.

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We are confident of the US position toward the blockade. Al-Jazeera must not be used as a bargaining chip. But the Saudi-led alliance regards the Arabic wing of al-Jazeera, the most widely watched broadcaster in the Arab world, as a propaganda tool for Islamists that also undermines support for their governments.

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The list of demands also called for other Doha-supported news outlets to be shut, including the New Arab and Middle East Eye. Cutting ties to Iran would prove incredibly difficult — Qatar shares with Iran a massive offshore natural gas field, which supplies the small nation that will host the Fifa World Cup with much of its wealth.

Qatar insists it does not fund terrorists, and has ly said that the embargo is a punishment for following an independent foreign policy more sympathetic to the principles of the Arab spring than that of its neighbours.

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Qatar would also be required to accept monthly external audits after agreeing to the demands, then once per quarter during the second year. It would also have to agree to be monitored annually for compliance for 10 years. Saudi Arabia.

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This article is more than 4 years old. The Saudi-led alliance considers al-Jazeera to be a propaganda tool for Islamists. Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor.

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Fri 23 Jun What is Qatar's position in the Middle East? Qatar diplomatic crisis: what are Trump's financial links to the region?

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. Human cost of the Qatar crisis: 'families are being torn apart'.

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