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Romano, 53, from Lynbrook, N. On the advice of friends, she ed Match. She soon found herself chatting online with a man named "Austin Miller. When Miller sent her a picture of himself in uniform, Romano was impressed.

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Romance scams involve the promise of romantic companionship or love, but end up resulting in loss for the person who is scammed.

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Romance scams typically involve obtaining money or other items of value through false pretenses. Trust is gained by pretending to be a potential romantic partner.

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There are many different kinds of romance scams, some of which take place internationally, and dating fraud of any type can result in criminal charges for those who are accused of operating scams. Being charged for Internet dating fraud or dating site scams can mean facing federal charges or state charges, either of which can carry long prison sentences. It is not uncommon for involvement with an online dating scam to lead to indictment on multiple counts. We know how to aggressively fight charges and we have a long track record of successfully helping clients to avoid prison or to end up with reduced sentences.

Call today if you have been accused of involvement with an online dating scam so our NY criminal defense attorneys can begin working on your case.

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Dating fraud involves using the Internet to connect with someone by posing as a potential date or romantic partner. Often, a fake picture is used of someone who is very attractive, making it easier to entice people to respond to romantic propositions. A fake profile is created with inaccurate information posted to attract someone to scam.

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The creation of a fake online identity is called catfishing. Once someone has responded or seems receptive to a romantic relationship, s and other messages are exchanged. Trust is built over time.

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Once trust has been established based on false pretenses, the requests for money or other items begins. Dating fraud can involve asking someone to send money, or to send gifts.

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In some cases, the fraud involves asking someone to send intimate pictures or to provide personal identifying details or details from financial s. The intimate pictures may be posted on pornographic websites or used to blackmail someonewhile the personal identifying details can be used for identity theft scams. Romance scams take many different forms. While many begin on dating sites, some begin on social networks or many other types of websites.

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Scams can be perpetrated anywhere where people can make connections. The goal of the scams is to find some way to begin a relationship with h a person who could eventually be coerced into sending money or gifts or providing sensitive information. These are just a few of many different romance scams.

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Perpetrating an online romance scam can lead to criminal charges in federal court. This is especially true if the scam occurs across state lines or across international borders. The federal government has laws prohibiting Internet Fraudidentity theftand bank fraudamong many other criminal laws.

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A charge of wire fraud or mail fraud for using wire service or the postal service in a wire transfer scam or any type of online romance scam can also lead to between 20 and 30 years imprisonment. Those operating Russian dating scams, Nigerian scams dating, or other types of International dating site scams may be located outside of the United States.

The U. If you are apprehended and charged with a U. We provide guidance at every step of your case so a strategic plan can be developed for responding to charges, which may include fighting convictionnegotiating a plea agreementor seeking dismissal of charges. To learn more about the legal assistance and vigorous defense assistance offered by our NY criminal defense lawyers, today.

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