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Years: 33
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The jangling nerves, the bouncing butterfliesand that thunderbolt that hits right in the pit of your stomach when you realize the big event is less than five minutes away. From childhood, young girls are told that finding romantic satisfaction is the key to contentment. From perky pop music to classical paintings, our collective human culture is saturated with stories of courtship, romance, and love both lost and found.

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But the matching services say they can do this, and do it well. They ask to be paid, of course — usually quite a lot.

Anyone of any income level canas long as they have the cash, or the credit, or some tenuous combination of the two. No one pays the big bucks to hang out with a bunch of desperate old maids and men. They spend that kind of money to the elite company of savvy, healthy, successful winners, directed to the man or woman of their dreams via the technological wonders of video and computers. Located in one of the far reaches of University City, near the junction of Governor Drive and Interstatethe local club's headquarters reinforces the positive name and image.

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An attentive, well-dressed receptionist sits just inside the big glass front doors, screening visitors. Those who get beyond her find themselves in a softly lighted lounge filled with plush furniture and brightened by bouquets of silk flowers. Art prints decorate the walls. An expensive stereo system playing soft rock greets the attractive young people who flit in and out.

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As a salesman. By December I want to be enrolling people a month! As part of the high-pressure sales pitch to get prospective members to .

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Rust and his co-workers readily disclose, for free, the secret of true love. Those studies show that the longest-lasting, most satisfying love relationships are based on four components: common goals, common interests, similar sexual attitudes, and similar religious or spiritual attitudes.

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At this point in the pitch, Rust pulls out a piece of Millionaires Club literature with a blank pie chart already printed on the paper. If you could find just one of them, he would probably do it for you for the rest of your life. Now, where do you live? How could the Pacific Beach resident seeking true love find those three particular men?

Rust boasts further that the club doesn't throw those individuals into a figurative pot, shake, and hope for longterm love success to follow. Simple physical attraction also commonly pulls together men and women with widely disparate goals, interests, sexual drives, and belief structures. Only over time do their true selves surface — and then the relationship begins to tear apart.

So the Millionaires Club administers to every new member an extensive battery of tests.

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There are the hard-core, wheat-from-the-chaff questions asked by every dating service in town: Will you date a smoker? From the mountain of answers are prepared. But when someone shouts Eureka! If this all sounds awfully complicated, remember, true love is work. You can pay all that money and not get a single date if you never ask anyone to date you and no one ever selects you, or if all your selections reject you. There are no guarantees whatsoever at the Millionaires Club.

At least ten different businesses in San Diego play professional Cupid, and the variety among them is dizzying.

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The least expensive of the bunch charges only thirty-five dollars and sells the service with cheaply printed brochures sent out in answer to phone inquiries. Every one of the businesses seems to offer its own twist, but the approaches fall into three broad. Some claim to test the client psychologically, then, on the basis of that information, to match him or her with other psychologically compatible candidates.

Others assemble a library usually video about all their clients and let each one try to win favor among the others. The final category, and in many ways the most colorful one, includes those individuals who claim to rely solely on their own judgment and intuition to match would-be lovers.

Like Rust at the Millionaires Club, Soules says he entered the business from a dissimilar field — in his case, education.

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He says he taught classes in business supervision there, and he enjoyed directing students into male-female pairs to facilitate livelier discussion. Over the years, he says he got quite a bit of feedback about romance developing from these whimsical academic pairings.

When Soules heard about someone who was seeking a partner in a dating service business, he was interested. One gift of mine seems to be a highly evolved sixth sense about people. And people trust me.

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They like me. It the dating business] was just a very easy thing for me to do. With them goes a voice as mild and soothing as warm milk. Yet this is a man who also clearly enjoys a touch of the offbeat. Soules occasionally performs as a stage hypnotist throughout Southern California, and he also has dabbled in the nightclub business here.

He also has a flair for selfpublicity; over the years, his name has been touted repeatedly in local gossip columns and on local television.

Soules says he gets anywhere from five to fifty calls a day from people seeking mates. This is a postgraduate course on life. With all that experience under his belt, Soules says he can generalize about the people seeking romantic partners. Very sweet ladies. Uptight body language. This is a woman who could be anything. His female counterpart would be Bette Midler: the very tough, very physically oriented woman who would be a husband beater. Whenever any of them calls in response to his advertisements or publicity, Soules chats over the phone for a minute.

He claims to discourage any member of the two negative pairs.

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I want to hear the emotional tone in their voice. No way! Lorre type.

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Soules says years ago he was content to work with casual daters, but his thinking evolved over time, particularly in the last five years. I think it has an awful lot to do with perpetuating the destruction of the social fabric. We used to have family units. When you try to pin him dow n on how he decides who should meet whom, Soules lapses into generalizations and inanities about matching Johnny Carsons with Loni Andersons.

I know what they do. I know their attitudes.

He sends the original to the man and asks him to call the woman between and p. The two are required to meet in a well-lighted, neutral place — somewhere other than their homes. Soules likes to recommend that people go out on dinner dates. Now tell the matchmaker: how did you feel about this person?

Who happens to be a chain smoker. Soules says he used to try to keep track of the marriages that resulted from his matchmaking, but he gave that up as being too cumbersome. Soules may lack the ultimate feedback, but he says the information he does require from his clients makes his service intensely personal.

In Ullman founded the Great Expectations vista dating service in Los Angeles, and three years later, an existing video service in San Diego paid him a fee to become part of the Great Expectations and today the chain boasts twelve locations nationwide with eight more opening soonmaking it the oldest and largest video dating service in the dating. Although video was his cornerstone, Ullman says for years he was excited by the prospect of augmenting the video with well-founded psychological testing. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Ullman says passionately. I chose the best research and the best experts in the expectation, and the best was shit. I finally came to the sad conclusion that psychological matching is no more effective than throwing wet noodles against the wall to see what sticks.

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The shortcomings were awesome. Horse poop!

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Love takes time. At Great Expectations, clients first look through dossiers that contain photos, vital statistics, and personal statements from the other would-be daters. The video gives you lots of information in a compact, discreet way, Ullman argues, and he says that throughout the years, the system has led to more than marriages. Great Expectations has information about women and men, according to Parker. No one can hustle you. Everyone saves money that way, and time. This is your way to be two places at the same time.

All you need at that point is for the proper chemistry to develop. Bob Walcher says probably the biggest complaint Great Expectations clients have voiced over the years is simply the failure of that chemistry to materialize once the couple has met. Walcher and a partner founded the San Diego business to which Ullman ultimately sold the franchise rights, and Walcher owned the franchise until last year, when he finally sold out to Ullman.

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Though Walcher still believes heartily in the concept of dating services and thinks video is the best approach among them, he talks candidly about the business he left behind. Walcher says he once was more idealistic about how people should use the videos; he argued for a while that the dossiers should not contain photos so that clients would first screen prospective dates on the basis of their nonphysical attributes.

He used to watch clients reviewing the files, and invariably they would first look at the picture.